About AscendX Concepts

AscendX Concepts is an automotive design, engineering, and manufacturing company with 200+ years of combined staff experience who have previously held key positions at leading aftermarket accessory manufacturers including Bushwacker, Inc prior to Bushwacker's acquisition by Lund International in 2015. Our CEO, CFO, President, VP of engineering, along with our designers, machinists, and machine operators were formally employed at Bushwacker. 

While working at Bushwacker before acquisition, our staff learned that quality and design were very important elements of the engineering process, producing multiple utility and design patents (US 8,118,329 B2 and US D623,103 S).

The core values of quality and design continue at AscendX Concepts, relying on the experience of what made Bushwacker a leading brand up to 2015, applied to the latest truck makes and models.

  • Fit and finish - Our designs integrate as a natural extension of the vehicle sheet metal, fitting flush and securely.
  • Exclusive design - You'll never find another product like it.
  • Quality materials - The materials we use are based on years of experience and testing to the highest standards of quality.
  • Attention to detail - We want to make sure that everything we create meets the highest expectations.
  • Customer service - We're available to help with installation, answer questions, and provide the help you need.