Our Matte Black Fender Flare Finish

After working in this industry for a combined 200+ years, we've seen just about it all when it comes to Fender Flare finishes. Let's first let's start with the basics - 

What is a finish layer?

Many products like fender flares have some final application or layer of color and material that adds color, texture, resiliency to ultraviolet light, or other kind of protection from physical damage. Some do not as well, and are simply the raw material with no finish or outer layer of protection.

Do I need a finish layer?

Yes and no! It really depends on what you plan to do with your product. Painting is the first step many people do with their fender flares, either professionally or at home. The finish layer is typically sanded for paint prep to create a surface that the paint will bond to. If you're not planning to paint your flares, a finish layer is pretty essential.

Why is a finish layer so important?

A high quality finish layer, like what all AscendX Concepts fender flares provide add features that other less expensive products do not. Our flares include a Korad™ low gloss cap layer that protects from UV damage, and provides a finish that matches the same quality of material used by original equipment manufactures. Many other brands skip this step! We think it is critical to providing a high quality product that will stand the test of time.