Tire Coverage Guide for Off-Road Trucks

AscendX Concepts Fender Flares offer truck owners more value beyond the pure aesthetics of stainless steel bolts, and detailed tactical design to compliment oversized wheels and tires that extend past the fender sheet metal. Tire coverage is a primary component of what gives Fender Flares a functional purpose, extending the vehicle fender to comply with state laws that require tires to be covered to the full outside width of the tire tread.


How do I know which laws apply to me?

Laws vary state to state, some requiring different levels of detail associated to tire coverage, fender design, and offset. One great tool for identifying which laws apply to you is available at liftlaws.com. Lift Laws has been a leading reference point of information related to off-road truck laws for many years, and displays applicable laws by state in the US. AscendX Concepts recommends this as a starting point to determine if your off-road truck is compliant with state laws, although please consult a legal expert in your state to determine compliance requirements. 


How much tire coverage do AscendX Concepts Fender Flares offer?

We've designed all AscendX Concepts Fender Flares to provide up to 2 inches of tire coverage, which we've determined is the most universal and widely applicable tire coverage number through many years of design and engineering in the category. This commonly allows for a substantially wider stance, although the exact negative offset calculation varies by make and model.